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Rinascente mean ‘rebirth’ in Italian and it’s a good words to describe what we’re all about.  Rinascente is the creative side of the charity Renewal North West.  Established in 2005, we are based in Meadow Mill, an old textile mill, in Stockport, Manchester.

In October 2013, Rinascente opened a vintage showroom where we sell vintage furniture and make industrial tables. As with the ethos and vision of Renewal North West, our aim is to provide a creative and positive environment for people with long-term unemployment issues.

Here in the workshop, I find that making these tables is really good for the people that work here.  They’re not doing something small and banal, but contributing towards making beautiful furniture.  It gives them pride and self-esteem; they’re actually creating something!  The process of taking rough, dirty timber and sanding it down, etc. is similar to what’s happening in these guys lives.  Reclaiming lives that are ruined, messed up. This charity is all about giving people hope.  We want to give people the best possible chance to turn around, and do something good with their lives.

We think our furniture is exceptional because it is made by people who are courageously attempting to face their past and accomplish something with their lives. Each table made and sold represents a victory for its creator.

We’re passionate about what we do. We want top make furniture people will fall in love with and that will last, that in years to come will be cherished and hold precious memories. Though ultimately, we’re not about furniture – we’re about people.

“An inspiration…
continues to blow us away…
this place is the future”