Transforming Lives by Bringing Hope Through Jesus Christ


Based in Greater Manchester, our mission is to work with people who are long-term unemployed, helping them break down the barriers that keep them from working – such as lack of education, skills and opportunity, or addiction, criminal convictions and homelessness.

Our faith is the essential motivation for the work we do. Therefore we share the good news of Jesus Christ through personal example and meaningful relationships, daily Christian focus sessions, Bible teaching, and sharing Christian literature.


Our method is to provide work experience, skills development and training, accommodation and employment through our Community Work and Residential Programmes:
• Providing daytime occupation in a working environment at our skills centre/charity shop, where people are valued and instructed in a workplace setting, gaining working life experiences for example in serving customers, repairing and refurbishing furniture and appliances, collecting and delivering furniture.
• Providing training in life skills – both practically and spiritually – that help individuals to get and keep a job and live independently, managing domestic and financial aspects of their lives for the glory of God.
• Providing a safe, supportive and drug free living environment (supported housing), giving a fresh start to people who become Christians in prison or in addiction, helping them to overcome those addictions and prepare them to live independent drug free lives with the power of the indwelling Christ.
• An associated benefit of this work is that we are able to offer affordable refurbished furniture and other household goods to people in the community we serve, who might not otherwise be able to afford them.
• To base all we do and say on the Word of God and to preach the message of the gospel to those we contact as the Lord provides opportunity.


* Loving in our actions
* Joyful in our attitude
* Peace making
* Patient with all
* Kindness in action
* Good honest people
* Faithful to our word
* Gentle in spirit
* Self controlled at all times


But the Holy Spirit produces this kind of fruit in our lives: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.
Galatians Chapter 5 verses 22-23 The Bible

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