Residential Programme

The journey from long-term unemployment, homelessness, addiction and repeat offending is a difficult one with many barriers to rebuilding a life for addiction free, independent living.

Renewal North West is a Christian charity seeking to bring hope; providing both spiritual and practical help to people with a desire to change.

We bring hope by providing a 24-hour, 7 days a week residential supported housing programme lasting up to 2 years. 


Keys to success in this programme are:

  • Quality accommodation with a family environment
  • Unconditional support motivated by our love for God
  • Attendance at our skills and work experience centre at Shaw Heath
  • Loving and caring environment
  • Identifying the problem and then solution to the addiction
  • Training in sound and fulfilling routines for living
  • Yielding ever increasing control to the client, to the point where they are able to live independently and make a positive contribution to their community

When addiction is the dominant force in your life and has resulted in you being homeless, penniless and hopeless then a radical approach is required.

Our 24/7 residential programmes intervene directly into this situation

  • Comfortable supportive accommodation
  • Access to medical and drug services to deal with addiction/health related issues
  • Supporting probation service visits and courses
  • Constructive occupation of time at our work experience and skills centre
  • Mentoring from people who understand addiction
  • Preparation to ultimately live independent, addiction free lives
  • Preparation for the world of work or further education


Stage 1

Supervised accommodation in a family environment with the provision of meals and support coming from different agencies, such as healthcare professionals, local drug and alcohol services and benefits advice. Guidance is given on key life skills that will enable an individual to successfully live an independent, addiction free life, moving towards full-time employment.

Accommodation consists of own room, separate cooking and washing areas, plus use of shared facilities.

There is a Christian ethos running through our programme.

Stage 2

Semi-independent accommodation where individuals put their skills into practice to keep house, making right decisions and building on the routines that are foundational to living independently. This allows for a greater level of independence than stage 1, whilst maintaining a supportive environment.

Accommodation consists of own rooms with shared facilities. Food and bills are all covered and individuals are encouraged to do more for themselves, such as cooking and cleaning, as well as maintaining their own routines.

Community and Support

We look to provide a loving and caring environment, supporting individuals on a one to one basis.   

We understand the importance of individuals being loved and valued as members of a community/family in which they belong and play an important role.

Our Christian values underpin and influence the support and training that we give, recognising the importance of the spiritual aspect of our personality and the motivation that this has when dealing with addiction.

The value derived from clients supporting and helping others in need is not to be underestimated.

We encourage mentoring and working with others in need as part of the process.


Homeless Outreach

This work is currently on hold due to a lack of staff and funding.

Our homeless outreach is an important part of what we do – we work this out in two different ways; our Weekly City Centre Outreach, and Weekly City Centre Drop-in.

We receive no government grants – we couldn’t do what we do without your support.   

Weekly City Centre


We have a team who go onto the streets of Manchester once a week to provide support to those who are sleeping on the streets. This support includes:

  • Food and hot drinks
  • Vital clothing including new socks and underwear
  • Hygiene packs and towels
  • Season 3/4 sleeping bags
  • A listening ear and comforting discussion
  • Signposting to additional homeless services
  • Providing support to people moving into accommodation
  • Access to our skills centre and residential programme

Weekly City Centre


We have a team who run a homeless drop-in one day a week when other drop-ins are closed. It is used by people sleeping on the streets and those struggling to make ends meet. We provide the following services:

  • Signposting to other homeless services
  • Food and hot drinks
  • An encouraging Christian message
  • Time to listen
  • Safe caring environment run by those who have known addiction and homelessness
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Furniture Restoration

Developing Skills in

  • Customer service
  • Warehousing and delivery logistics
  • Practical furniture assembly and repair.
  • Tools training
  • Health and safety training

The Skills Centre

Based in Stockport, our skills centre provides an onsite work experience opportunity for individuals to grow in confidence and practical skills, overcome barriers and ultimately gain full time employment.

MVI 8345.00 10 50 21.Still114

Furniture Restoration

Developing Skills in

  • Customer service
  • Warehousing and delivery logistics
  • Practical furniture assembly and repair.
  • Tools training
  • Health and safety training

Computer Refurbishment

Developing Skills in

  • Computer repairs and diagnostics
  • Advanced operating system features
  • Networking principles
  • Hardware upgrades
  • Logical approach to multiple different technologies
MVI 8345.00 15 58 26.Still127

Sales & Administration

Developing Skills in

  • EPOS use
  • Sales techniques
  • Call handling
  • Customer service
  • Gift aid administration
  • IT, literacy and numeracy
MVI 8345.00 07 42 47.Still095

Appliance Refurbishment

Developing Skills in

  • PAT Testing and Certification
  • Principles of electrical safety
  • Function testing
  • Component replacement
  • Fault finding
  • Team work

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