My Story, by Chris

“I did not have the best childhood. I was the oldest of three brothers that still lived at home and the others were in care. We were hungry and abused by my father, who was an alcoholic.

That’s how my life in crime started when I was six. I stole food from the shop to feed my brothers and myself. I still remember that it was a pomegranate and we ate it like an apple. As I got older, I started doing more and more crimes. I was a drug addict and an alcoholic and I lived a life of always looking over my shoulder.

I got sent to prison and my life was out of control; I was lost; I had no hope.

I got out of prison in October 2019 and I knew I had to change. I spoke to my probation officer who told me about a Christian charity who want to help people like me, called Renewal North West. I had no idea what it was going to be like, as I did not believe in God, but everyone was so nice and caring from day one. I felt loved, appreciated and no judgement. Over time after listening to the morning bible time, listening to the Word of God, I realised how much I needed God to help me, to change me and to give me hope.

God has done just that and I thank the Lord for bringing me to Renewal North West; for saving my life. Today I am happier than I have ever been in my life and that is thanks to Renewal and the people there who love me, care for me and helped me learn the truth about God.

I began at a Renewal as a volunteer, but I now have full-time work with them and I can’t thank them enough for transforming my life through Jesus Christ.”

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Capernwray Visit 2024

Capernwray Visit 2024

Eleanor, Geraldine, Faith and Rachel, were our guests from Capenwray Bible School. They spent a week with us, learning what we do.

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