Renewal Training has a vision to help transform the lives of our wonderful volunteer workforce in real and practical ways. We believe we are here to serve our volunteers and not the other way around.

We, as a charity, see the need to build on our current volunteer experience that facilitates the development of practical skills as well as the growth of an individual’s self-esteem, confidence and worth. We plan to do this by devising a training plan that can be truly life changing.

This will take the form of a structured personalised training programme that aims to develop life skills such as; tailored CV and cover letter writing, analysing job sectors, job application processes, interview skills, understanding employers expectations, interpersonal skills, budgeting and finance, importance of body language and first impressions, as well as providing up to date benefits checks and one to one mentoring.

We at Renewal seek to show love and bring hope to the lives of those we work with and we believe that Renewal Training demonstrates that at its very core. We pray through this initiative that we will see hope restored and lives transformed through Jesus Christ.

More information on how to apply coming soon.

If you would like to volunteer with Renewal North West then please fill in this online request form.

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