About us

Renewal North West is a Christian Charity set up to help long term unemployed people break down barriers that keep them from working. These barriers include lack of education, skills and opportunity, addiction, homelessness to mention a few. WP_20150817_13_42_55_Pro (1)

We create work experience opportunities by refurbishing/ selling 2nd hand furniture, household appliances and items as well as computers and laptops.

Everything bought from us directly helps the charity which aims to be self-financing. WE VALUE YOUR SUPPORT.

Today we have a showroom besides Tesco Extra in Stockport, with various furniture areas, computer displays, workshops and kitchen. We sell 2nd hand furniture as well as laptops and PCs. The collection, delivery and selling of furniture and computers provides excellent work experience and skills WP_20150817_13_42_37_Prodevelopment for those we seek to help.

We also provide furniture and household items to those struggling to set up home on a limited budget. Recently we have started to sell domestic appliances that have been donated to us and yet are still in working order. This enables someone to get the essentials they need for there home at very reasonable prices. We also sell to the general public which helps us to cover some of the costs of running Renewal North West.

Our faith in Jesus Christ is the motivation for what we do. A desire to show the love of Christ to others in practical ways underpins the operation. We believe that Jesus Christ does bring hope. We have proved this in our own lives and have seen the evidence of it in the lives of others.

Some of those who have been to Renewal North West have found out first hand the difference that Christ makes in their lives. AWP_20150817_13_40_56_Prolan was a bad alcoholic with many impossible problems. His claim to fame was that he was amongst the last 4 on the roof of Strangeways Prison during the riots in 1990. He came to realised that he had broken God’s laws often and was sorry for this and turned from this. He believed that Jesus Christ died on the cross for him personally and such faith saved him and changed his life. He came to the mill and this proved to be a great help to him. He found hope in Jesus Christ. He found that Jesus has the answers.

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