It was announced in 2018, that after 23 years serving the local community, The Furniture Station, based in Hazel Grove Stockport, was to finally close its shutters. 

As Hazel Grove Baptist website states, “The charity struggled with increasing financial challenges and to continue into a 24th year would have required a significant £50,000 in on-going funds – sadly, in spite of much effort, this was not to be.”

The Furniture station was well loved by the surrounding community and provided much needed support to people struggling to afford the cost of new furniture and appliances.

“The Furniture Station said “thank you and goodbye” at the end of March with an event that brought together staff, volunteers and supporters.  Since opening in 1994, the great work the charity achieved in the community was remembered by everyone.”

Renewal North West now looks forward to helping the same people that relied on the furniture station. We provide low-cost furniture, computers and appliances.

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