Supported Housing

The journey from long term unemployment, homelessness, addiction and repeat offending is a very difficult one with many barriers to rebuilding your life for drug free independent living.

Renewal North West is a Christian charity seeking to bring hope into this situation by providing both spiritual and practical help to people who have the desire for change.

We bring hope by providing a 24 hour, 7 days a week residential supported housing program lasting up to 2 years. Keys to success in this program are:

  • Q uality accommodation with a family environment
  • U nconditional support motivated by our love for God
  • A ttendance at our Skills and Work Experience Centre at Meadow Mill
  • L oving and caring environment
  • I dentifying the problem and then solution to the addiction
  • T raining in sound and fulfilling routines for living
  • Y ielding ever increasing control to the client to the point where they are able to live!!

When addiction is the dominate force in your life and has resulted in you being homeless, penniless and hopeless then a radical approach is required.

Our 24/7 residential programmes intervene directly into this situation by providing:

  • Comfortable supportive accommodation
  • Access to medical and drug services to deal with addiction/health related issues
  • Supporting probation service visits and courses
  • Constructive occupation of time at our work experience and skills centre
  • Mentoring from people who understand addiction
  • Preparation to ultimately live independent drug free lives
  • Preparation for the world of work or further education