New Entrance – 1st Floor

The work on the new entrance to the first floor is finally complete.

For those who have visited us previously, you’ll know that the old entrance wasn’t ideal.  It was outside, it was often cold and sometimes raining.

The new entrance takes advantage of the building’s internal staircase, more importantly, its not outside! Just follow the new directional signs in order to find your way.

Don’t forget, the first floor contains retro furniture, office furniture, beds, a computer repair workshop and the rinascente gallery, where you can take a look at our amazing bespoke industrial furniture.

Southport Donation

Thanks to a kind donation from supporters all the way over in Southport, we now have a whole bunch of wing back chairs and 2 seaters.

New entrance work

Work has begun on a new entrace to our second floor. At the moment customers and vistirs have had to use an external staircase to access the upstairs floor, fine in summer, not so great when its raining!

Members of the Brass Tacs team have graciously helped us knock through a previously blocked up access route and are setting to work turning it into a presentable walkway with direct access to the upstairs area.  This is will mean no more getting wet during the unpredictable British weather.